About Us

CanStim is a national platform dedicated to testing the benefits of non-invasive stimulation for stroke rehabilitation. Co-led by stroke neurologist Dr. Alexander Thiel of McGill University and scientists Dr. Jodi Edwards of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and Dr. Numa Dancause of the Université de Montréal, CanStim aims to transform stroke rehabilitation through innovative research.

Our mission is to have a fully integrated pre-clinical and clinical research platform to pioneer the development and testing of non-invasive brain stimulation protocols for stroke and neurological disorders. We foster interdisciplinary collaboration and offer comprehensive training programs to  support the next generation of researchers. While rTMS holds promise for stroke rehabilitation, rigorous clinical trials are essential to establish efficacy before this technology can be adopted into clinical practice. CanStim addresses these challenges by facilitating collaborative research to optimize and test rTMS protocols.

Mission & Vision

This platform seeks to innovate new solutions to optimize stroke rehabilitation for Canadians affected by stroke.

News Blog

CanStim’s preclinical research explores non-invasive brain stimulation mechanisms and develops innovative stroke interventions.

CanStim Members

Our multidisciplinary team comprises leading clinicians and researchers from renowned institutions across Canada.

Events for Trainees

Empowering trainees with workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities to explore stroke rehabilitation’s new frontiers.


Industry collaboration is key to translating research into practical solutions. We forge partnerships with industry partners to expedite clinical trials and advance technological innovation, such as robot-guided TMS, keeping CanStim at the forefront of discovery. Our multidisciplinary team, represented by academic institutions across Canada is committed to revolutionizing stroke rehabilitation. We extend gratitude to our funding partners, including Brain Canada and the former Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery, whose support was instrumental in the establishment of our platform.

At CanStim, we are dedicated to advancing stroke rehabilitation research and improving patient outcomes. Join us in shaping the future of non-invasive brain stimulation and making a lasting impact on those affected by stroke and neurological disorders.


CanStim is the Canadian Platform for Trials in Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation, launched in 2021 and powered by Brain Canada, collaborates with stroke recovery groups to develop and refine brain stimulation protocols.


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