Mission & Vision Statement

Welcome to CanStim’s Mission & Vision page, where we illuminate the driving force behind our national platform dedicated to transforming stroke rehabilitation. At CanStim, our mission and vision converge to create a unified commitment toward advancing the field of non-invasive brain stimulation for the effective treatment of stroke-affected brains.

Mission Statement:

CanStim’s mission is grounded in the pursuit of pioneering research and innovative methodologies to redefine stroke rehabilitation. We are driven by a collective vision to propel discoveries from the laboratory to the bedside, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the lives of individuals grappling with stroke disabilities and other neurological disorders.

Our mission encompasses a unique translational approach that seamlessly integrates preclinical and clinical research, ensuring that our endeavors resonate with real-world applications through a focus on non-invasive brain stimulation methods, especially repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), CanStim endeavors to carve new pathways for individuals on their journey to recovery. Canstim is commited to implementing best practices for equity, diversity and inclusion both within the governance structure and composition of the Platform research team and in its research.

Vision Statement:

CanStim’s vision unfolds as a future where stroke rehabilitation is revolutionized through cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the widespread adoption of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques. Co-led by esteemed experts such as stroke neurologist Dr. Alexander Thiel, neuroscientist Dr. Jodi Edwards, and Dr. Numa Dancause, CanStim envisions becoming a catalyst for transformative change in the landscape of neurological recovery. 

Our vision extends beyond the immediate horizon to embrace the nurturing of the next generation of researchers. We envision CanStim as a beacon of excellence, providing comprehensive training programs across Canada that empower aspiring trainees to explore innovative avenues in stroke recovery research. In doing so, we strive to create a lasting impact on the future of neurological rehabilitation.

Integration of Mission and Vision:

CanStim’s mission and vision converge seamlessly, reflecting our commitment to advancing stroke rehabilitation research, improving patient outcomes, and shaping the future of non-invasive brain stimulation methods. Through an integrated approach that fosters collaboration between leading researchers from prominent Canadian institutions, we aim to be at the forefront of transformative change in the field.

Our vision extends beyond the confines of our research laboratories to embrace a future where the potential of non-invasive brain stimulation is fully harnessed to empower individuals to reclaim their independence and quality of life. CanStim is not just a platform; it is a shared commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by stroke and neurological disorders.


CanStim is the Canadian Platform for Trials in Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation, launched in 2021 and powered by Brain Canada, collaborates with stroke recovery groups to develop and refine brain stimulation protocols.


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