Preclinical research

Our pre-clinical research follows stringent guidelines, addressing the historical challenges of varied protocols. The unique translational approach seamlessly integrates pre-clinical insights into clinical practice, expediting development and optimization. With a commitment to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, CanStim provides comprehensive training programs, including lab exchanges among preclinical sites. This approach ensures that the next generation of researchers is equipped to explore innovative avenues of stimulation in preclinical models of stroke recovery.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation in non-human primates: A systematic review

Andrea C de Lima-Pardini, Youstina Mikhail, Adan-Ulises Dominguez-Vargas, Numa Dancause, Stephen H Scott

A translational roadmap for transcranial magnetic and direct current stimulation in stroke rehabilitation: Consensus-based core recommendations from the third stroke recovery and rehabilitation roundtable

Jodi D Edwards, Adan Ulises Dominguez-Vargas, Charlotte Rosso, Meret Branscheidt, Lisa Sheehy, Fanny Quandt, Simon A Zamora, Melanie K Fleming, Valentina Azzollini, Ronan A Mooney, Charlotte J Stagg, Chiristian Gerloff, Simone Rossi, Leonardo G Cohen, Pablo Celnik, Michael A Nitsche, Cathrin M Buetefisch, and Numa Dancause


CanStim is the Canadian Platform for Trials in Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation, launched in 2021 and powered by Brain Canada, collaborates with stroke recovery groups to develop and refine brain stimulation protocols.


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